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How to BackLink Index

How to BackLink Index

To build a quality link profile in your blog is essential aspects of search engine optimization.

Search engines crawl the links, a process of collecting links from other websites. From the technical point, backlinks are hypertext links that serve as navigation among websites.

The importance of link building.

Search engines use links to explore a new website to rank on a website in SERP. The search engine explores the new content and determines the authority of a website based on the authority passed from external sources.

That means a website’s link profile remains one of the most valuable ranking factors.

We can distinguish between external link building and internal link building. Internal link building means using a link pointing from one page to another page on the same domain. This SEO guide explains acquiring links from external domains.

Types of backlinks

Generally speaking, there are two types of backlinks:

  • Do follow (authority passing)
  • No follow

Do follow backlinks pass the external source authority to the linked website. Imagine the backlink as a point that boosts SEO of the website, often called the “link juice.” Do follow links look like this in the HTML code:

When Google introduced PageRank in 1990, the number of backlinks was an essential metric for ranking. The more links you earned, the better was your ranking.

SEO specialists started to abuse PageRank to increase the rankings. Many Google algorithm updates led to the fact that many old link building techniques are now penalized or no longer relevant.

Anchor text

The anchor text is the most reliable indicator used by search engines when it comes to backlinks. It’s a small text hyperlinked to a website, so it indicates what is in the content.

The search engine determines the keywords the website should rank. You can get algorithmic penalty by Google by over-optimizing anchors.

Google considers multiple quality aspects on the websites:

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Other link profile quality metrics

Citation Flow predicts how influent a URL might be and how many sites it will link.

Relevancy of the link.

Links referring to a website have to be relevant to its content. Don’t backlink from a football helmet e-shop and you write a blog about pizza.

Where Link placement is important.

Placed your link in the main articles or sections, not in footers and sidebars. Single links tend to be more valuable than sitewide links.

Sitewide links appear on all pages of a website. They are usually in the footer, header, sidebar or blogrolls. Sitewide links are tremendous both for internal and external link building.

They can generate traffic. Make sure to use only natural links and keep in mind that their SEO potential may be a bit lower when compared to single links.

Besides the aspects mentioned above, we need to consider the freshness of the link, the anchor quality, popularity, and social signals.

Link building techniques

It’s not easy to acquire a high-quality backlink. The techniques that were the most straightforward (reciprocal links or directory submissions) do not work anymore, so the SEO spend much time trying different approaches.

These are some favorite link building ideas:

  • Create content that will backlinks, social media, and referral traffic
  • Share your content on social media, promote it on Facebook, join discussions, comment guest posts.
  • Buying backlinks via paid blog posts, just be careful where you buy
  • Backlinks from forums, Q&A sites, top lists, comments, business listings. Keep in mind that vast majority are low-quality backlinks
  • Find out what works for others.
  • Spy on your competitors to explore their backlinks by using tools such as LinkMiner or others
  • Do email outreach
  • Check the websites that link to your competitors, create better content and contact relevant people behind these websites to link to your website instead
  • Grey/black hat techniques such as PBN (Private Blog Network)

I will show you some techniques which require little or no technical expertise. It might be just what the doctor ordered for your poor rankings: Backlinking is the easiest way to get traffic to your site. If you need help building your first website with no money WealthyAffiliate.

1. Backlinking can be done several ways by developing keyword with rich content that will ensure that search engines will index it.
2. Bookmarking sites, news release web sites, and article advertising web sites allow you to post news and articles. Your content is quality, then there are opportunity blogs, and other web sites will republish your content.
3. Ask reps, distributors, and partners link or to publish to your content. Leverage your company relationships to build backlinks.
4. Get links from well-recognized resource sites like EzineArticles; You might find that the websites for the keywords in Google are source websites like online media, business directories, trade associations. You can even find an advertisement from CraigsList.
Another way is to add value to someone else blog or website and ask
for a link. These websites have gathered authority through domain age and backlinks of their own, and a connection from them will act as a valuable endorsement of the site from the search engine’s eyes.

5. Get listed in Yahoo Local and Google Local. These local small business listings tie in with the Google and Yahoo mapping applications and offer high placement in addition to the internet search engine.
6. Participate in blogs and forums. Pick any business, and I’ll bet money that you will find blog posts related to your expertise. Perform some Google Alerts. Find your fishing hole. Start participating by commenting on blog posts related to the knowledge. Provide some excellent, objective suggestions about in other forums.
When asked to sign up for the blog and forum accounts and create a keyword rich signature and link it back to your site. A popular blog can reap HUGE dividends not only for backlinks and search rankings.
8. Participate in social networks sites. Because of the recognition of social networks sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, tumbler, twitter, facebook, and their excellent reputation and getting the full value from web site within your profiles may quickly produce several top quality backlinks.
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