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List Building Method Without Website

Building a List

I was doing well with my affiliate marketing, but I was not building a list. When I was marketing for someone else, I was not making a list for myself. I had to change that. I came across Getresponse software that will create emails in minutes and does auto-responder. Well, I still need a good opt-in page builder. Then I came across Leadpage software that can build my opt-in page. I found out I could integrate the two. Now I can start building my list, which I did. Never look back.


I started about ten years ago so I am not new at affiliate marketing and I made many mistakes and spent a lot of money trying out different things then I discovered WealthyAffilliate (WA). It is a great community. I learn a lot about affiliate marketing and continue learning in the WA community. CLICK HERE to learn more about WealthyAffiliate. There are so much to learn in affiliate marketing. You can’t learn everything all in one place. Getting started is probably the hardest because you have to spend a little money to buy traffic.

e-mail list

Getting Started

Getting started is probably the hardest part. Trying to find a niche and building a website. What if you are just a newbie? What is SEO? Some of you probably worked on your website and have not generated a cent yet. I’m going to show you a short cut. I used it a lot to help me make some income while I was learning affiliate marketing. It not new by any imagination. You will be doing this without a website.

 Free Advertising Methods And List Building Methods!

This online course is created by KC Tan, who has taught more than 20,000 students online to create their Internet business using affiliate marketing. As I said, it is not something new. He teaches better than most I have seen.


Here Mr. Tan is using CB. You can use the same method with many other affiliate program and you can use this same strategy.

The objective of this first section is to equip you with the skills to select the right ClickBank products.

    1. Learn how to get paid by ClickBank
    2. Identify ClickBank products that sell!
    3. Products to avoid in ClickBank
    4. Top mistakes to avoid for newbies!
    5. Choosing the perfect product for direct linking!
    6. . Matching traffic to products
    7. How to get ClickBank products for free… legally!
    8. Best traffic sources to promote ClickBank products!
    9. Worst traffic sources to promote ClickBank products!
    10. Bing Ads creation secrets!
    11. Proven keywords generation techniques!
    12. . An alternative way to get keyword matches
    13. Tweaking for higher sales and profits!
    14. More keywords tweaking tips!
    15. How to track keywords that lead to sales (Part 1)
    16. How to track keywords that lead to sales (Part 2)
    17. Facebook zero budget method!
    18. How this method got me my first sales in 2 days without spending a cent.
    19. Marketing your Facebook page with zero dollars.
    20. Important links format that Facebook allows

In this final section, you will learn how to create an effective squeeze page and build your own profitable list!

  1. Creating a squeeze page without the need for a domain name and hosting
  2. Create money-making squeeze page that people will subscribe to!
  3. Professional squeeze page under 5 minutes!
  4. How to nurture your leads and turn them into your customers!
  5. Successful squeeze page case study
  6. How to track keywords that opt into your list!
  7. Privacy template for your squeeze page

Affiliate experience



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