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Making Passive Income using affiliate and CPA

I am retired and a Vietnam combat veteran. I own crown & bridge dental laboratory for twenty years. I have retired since 2010. I live near four-corners where Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico come together. I thought about making income part-time, but I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I started investigating on different website and blogger, and I notice some individuals were making serious money. I thought I better look into this business. I begin to teach myself how to create a website from scratch which I never did before. I did learn how to use Dreamweaver when I was in college, but I never use it for business. Now you know how I started, let’s jump five years head where I am now. I will show on this website how I begin making passive income using affiliate and CPA. Everything on this web pages is the tools I use that work for me. I find the easiest way to make passive income for myself and I share it here.

I came an across a webinar done by an Asian guy name Patric Chan. I read his blog, and he was mention in many newspaper and business magazine. He impresses me how he built his internet marketing empire without a marketing education. I did a little more research, and I found out Mr. Patric Chan was endorsed by many internet gurus that I recognize. I signed up for his CB Passive Income, and it was one of the Clickbank top sellers. Also, is the top selling Amazon book called “72 Amazing Ways To Internet Profit.” You can get it HERE FREE!! 


As you can see now the rest is history. I have a lot of Mr. Chan’s product on my website, and they are free. When you start a business its not simple and don’t just “try it out.”
Expect to do some actual work and don’t expect less or you’ll quit. I spent hundreds of dollars trying out different things.
You need to start building a list. The truth is there are several ways to make money online. Do you want to make a little or a lot of money? Forget the data entry, GPT, surveys, MLM.
Some of the more reputable one’s beginners start out with are blogging, article writing, and selling stuff on E-Bay or Clickbank. Clickbank  is a massive digital marketplace which allows you to make commissions when someone buys a product through your affiliate link.
Doing affiliate can be tough for the beginner although they can work, they can be tough to scale, and there is  teach you how I make money and how I still do. There are two ways that I make my money online. And they are the ways I recommend. One method is to create your products and sell them. I’m going to touch on that a bit. Having your product is excellent, but when you’re just starting out it not that easy. You can make quick cash and learn the three essential skills of traffic, leads, and conversion, by doing what call is
CPA Marketing “Get Your Money for Nothing”
CPA Marketing
CPA means “cost-per-action”.
It allows you to earn profit online without your product, company, or website
Often you can get paid for not selling anything at all, only for a lead. More on that later.He
This means it’s easier for you to get paid.

Sometimes, all the prospects and website visitors need to do is to fill up a simple subscription form, or sign up for a free seven-day free trial, or submit their email address then you get paid!
The reason why it is called “cost-per-action.”
CPA marketing is a form of affiliate marketing, but different than most.
With traditional affiliate marketing, you are typically paid a commission only if a sale performed.

Please I appreciate leave a comment how I could improve my site and sign and say hello. I like to help people get started in online  business.